Sunday, March 15, 2009

St. Patrick's Day Ramblings

I love St. Patrick's Day....I think it's the holiday we should celebrate more of. The shamrocks and the green glittery decorations are so uplifting to me....I donned my favorite green sweater and Fred and I drove in the Sidney St Patrick's Day parade on Saturday. I had hoped to ride John but we decided to use the truck since it was rainy and cool. John's electric windows have been out of order and the heater in the truck runs a little warmer too. (ha)

Anyway, we had fun throwing candy to all the little kids (and some big ones too) and then I went over to visit Mother and Dad. We had coffee and snacks and talked for a couple of hours about all kinds of things.

Since I joined Kim's color fun on flickr, I have been trying to keep up with colors each week. First was hot pink, then yellow and this week is green. So, I am loving the green week. John is too....only what he loves is that the grass is getting green up in the hayfield!

Happy St Patricks' Day to my friends.....hope the rainbow leads you to the pot of gold this week.

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