Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Construction Update

Time for a little update on the building project! The construction progress is still messy. However, the impending messy weather should not hold up continued progress since the addition is 'in the dry'. Ice and snow predictions cannot dampen my spirits or prevent us from our hopes of being finished with the addition by Easter.

Gabby has finally learned how to climb up (and down) the new stairs all by little self. She had to have help climbing up at first and always had to be carried back down. I decided she had to learn on her own so we did a couple of lessons and she now speeds up and down as if she never had any fear of stairs nor any hip surgery at all!

Mountains of insulation delivered yesterday now has to go in all the right places....that stuff is itchy BTW.
Siding and roof on, this place is starting to look live-able. Brick is ordered, flooring is on order and paint is almost selected. (Can you imagine thousands of gallons of paint lined up waving their little bucket handles, yelling "Pick ME"! It's really that difficult to pick paint. ) We're going with copper and a neutral brown color called Crunch Granola.
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So so exciting!

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