Saturday, November 13, 2010

Spinning Wheel of Life

Friday, I went to the rheumatologist complaining about my wrist hurting. He poked on several spots and declared I have spinner's wrist. This name is basically a fun way to describe tendonitis, which is no fun in any way. He gave me a wonderful shot which has made me sick as a dog ever since - let me assure you that when a needle goes into a very sore tendon, it really lights up your world.
But, on the flip side (pun intended), I have been thinking about that old song that says, let the spinning wheel turn, and what goes up must come down. (You young folk might remember Bo Bice's version on American was dreamy)....

Let the spinning wheel of life keep tendon will prevail.

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*kim* said...

Oh I remember the old and newer version! Good tuneage indeed. :)

So sorry about your spinner's wrist, but that does sound like you've been overly crafty or something cool like that! (I must have hooker's wrist - from the crocheting not the other!) ;)

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